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Assurity Critical Illness Insurance Review

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An Assurity critical illness insurance plan provides financial protection in the form of a lump-sum benefit payment due to an unexpected critical illness.

As a result, having a critical illness plan can ensure that if you experience a health risk such as cancer, heart disease, or another severe illness, you will have the financial protection to help deal with financial burdens that often come with one of these medical emergencies.

Critical illness insurance also offers a way to supplement other forms of coverage, such as health insurance plans. So in the event of a major health problem with steep medical costs, you can avoid tapping into your personal savings or retirement accounts to pay for expenses not covered by your health insurance plans.

While Assurity is a popular option for critical illness insurance, they are not the only company to offer this type of insurance protection.

Therefore, before settling on one company’s coverage, we always recommend that you carefully review plans and compare them to all other options that would be available to you.

To help you with that task, this article is a full review of the critical illness insurance policy offered by Assurity. By the end of this review, you will fully understand how the insurance coverage works, the payable benefits, medical exam requirements, underwriting process, cost, and more.

Here is everything you should know about Assurity’s critical illness plans to determine if it suits your needs starting with a bit of information about Assurity as a company.

Assurity Insurance Company

Assurity Insurance Company was founded over 130 years ago near Lincoln, Nebraska. The company started life as the Modern Woodmen Accident Association in 1890. “Assurity” was adopted in 2005 due to several Nebraska-based insurance companies merging to form one company.

The insurance company offers a wide range of individual and worksite insurance products such as accidental death insurance, critical illness, disability income, annuities, and life insurance policies.

In 2015, Assurity became a Certified B Corporation. At the time, Assurity was the largest insurance company to receive the designation.

A Certified B Corporation is recognized for its social and environmental performance. The recognition came in part from the company’s LEED Gold Certified office building in Lincoln.

Assurity has received numerous awards for its sustainability efforts, worker satisfaction, and customer service. It is a highly reputable company that continues to give back by hosting several informative podcasts to help educate consumers.

Assurity Insurance Company Ratings and Reviews

Reviewing a company’s financial ratings offers a better indication of its stability. You want to select a company that has the financial ability to fulfill any claims. Assurity received the following rating from AM Best, which is one of the leading independent rating agencies:

  • AM Best Rating: A- (Excellent) the 4th highest of 15 ratings from AM Best

Assurity also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Assurity is not the largest insurance company in the country. It employs less than 1000 workers, many of whom work at its headquarters in Lincoln. However, Assurity has over $22 billion of total life insurance currently in force. In addition, it has $2.6 billion in assets.

The company has paid over $206 million in benefits to customers and $11.5 million in dividends to policyholders. Assurity also has a 632% risk-based capital ratio, higher than the industry average. These details indicate that Assurity has the financial strength to meet its obligations.

Assurity Critical Illness Plans

Assurity critical illness insurance is a form of financial protection coverage.

If diagnosed with a qualifying critical illness, the insurance coverage pays out a lump sum benefit amount that can help pay for medical bills, replace lost income while in recovery, pay mortgage payments or keep up with daily living expenses. 

There are no limitations on how you choose to use the money received from a critical illness claim payout.

The coverage amounts range from $5,000 to $500,000, depending on the plan option you select. In addition, each plan provides financial protection from multiple critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, advanced Alzheimer’s, organ transplant, kidney failure, and more.

Assurity Critical Illness Policy Features:

  • Streamlined application process
  • Fully underwritten with simplified non-medical plans
  • Instant decision on benefit amounts of $5,000 to $75,000
  • Financial protection from 11 critical illnesses
  • Additional payments paid if diagnosed with another illness after six months of receiving payment from a prior illness
  • Return of premium options available
  • Several optional policy riders

Assurity critical illness coverage is available in two options: full underwriting and simplified underwriting. These two options share many of the same features except for the application process and the total amount of coverage you can apply for.

Here is a closer look at the issue ages, policy riders, and other features of both options.

Assurity Critical Illness Insurance Overview

Policy FeaturesFully UnderwrittenSimplified Issue
Medical Exam Requirements:Fully underwritten application process with medical exam.Non-medical underwriting process with five easy health questions.
Issue Ages:18 to 70 years old
Underwriting Classes:Non-Tobacco and Tobacco
Benefit Amounts:$75,001 - $500,000$5,000 - $75,000
Covered Conditions:Heart Attack - 100%
Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery - 25%
Angioplasty - 25%
Stroke - 100%
Invasive Cancer - 100%
Non-Invasive Cancer - 25%
Kidney Renal Failure - 100%
Major Organ Transplant - Up to 100%
Advanced Alzheimer's - 100%
Paralysis - 100%
Coma - 100%
Waiting Period:Coverage begins immediately with the exception of cancer diagnosis the first 30-days of the policy.
Renewability:Guaranteed renewable for life; benefit amount will be reduced by 50 percent in the policy year following the insured’s 70th birthday.
Policy Riders:Accidental Death Benefit Rider
Additional Critical Illness Rider
Child Critical Illness Rider
Critical Accident Rider
Disability Waiver of Premium Rider
Increasing Benefit Rider
Loss of Independent Living Rider
Reoccurrence Rider
Return of Premium Rider
Spouse Critical Illness Rider
Return of Premium:Returns all premiums paid if death is a result of a non-critical illness.

Assurity Critical Illness - Medical Exam Requirements

Fully UnderwrittenSimplified Issue
Fully underwritten application process with medical exam.Non-medical underwriting process with five easy health questions.

Assurity critical illness insurance plans are available in two underwriting options. Which underwriting option you qualify for will be determined by the amount of coverage you apply for.

  • Fully underwritten plans require a medical exam provided by Assurity at no cost. The medical exam is short and involves an examiner coming to your home or location of your choice to check your blood pressure and obtain a urinalysis and blood sample. The information from the exam helps set the premiums for the proposed policy.
  • Simplified issue plans do not require a medical exam. Instead, you will be required to answer five health questions listed within the application.

Assurity Critical Illness - Issue Ages

Fully UnderwrittenSimplified Issue
18 to 70 years old
  • Assurity critical illness plans are available to applicants between the ages of 18-70.

Assurity Critical Illness - Underwriting Classes

Fully UnderwrittenSimplified Issue
Non-Tobacco and Tobacco
  • Assurity critical illness plans are available to males and females classified as either non-tobacco or tobacco users for underwriting purposes. 

Assurity Critical Illness - Benefit Amounts

Fully UnderwrittenSimplified Issue
$75,001 - $500,000$5,000 - $75,000
  • Fully underwritten plans (requiring a medical exam) offers coverage of the largest benefits amounts, with plans starting at $75,001 going as high as $500,000.
  • Simplified Issue (non-medical exam) offers smaller coverage amounts with plans starting as low as $5,000 up to $75,000.

Statistics show that the median cost of hospitalization for a heart attack is over $53,000.

Assurity Critical Illness - Covered Conditions

Fully UnderwrittenSimplified Issue
Heart Attack - 100%
Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery - 25%
Angioplasty - 25%
Stroke - 100%
Invasive Cancer - 100%
Non-Invasive Cancer - 25%
Kidney Renal Failure - 100%
Major Organ Transplant - Up to 100%
Advanced Alzheimer's - 100%
Paralysis - 100%
Coma - 100%

Assurity critical illness insurance covers a variety of illnesses, including cancer, heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney failure, organ transplants, and more.

Most conditions allow you to receive 100% of the benefit amount if diagnosed with one of the 11 critical illnesses listed within the plan. On the other hand, Angioplasty, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, and Non-Invasive Cancer are 25% of the total benefit payout.

If a Major Organ Transplant is required (liver, kidney, lung, entire heart, or pancreas), 25% of the benefit is payable when the insured has been placed on the registry with the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and 75% payable upon completion of the organ transplant surgery.

Multiple Benefit Payouts

Assurity stands out by offering multi-benefit payouts. Most other companies have a “one and done” policy. After being diagnosed with one critical illness, you are typically no longer eligible to receive additional payouts for future diagnoses. That is not the case with Assurity and its critical illness plan.

Assurity allows you to receive a new benefit payout with each new diagnosis of a critical illness. The only rule is that the date of a new critical illness diagnosis or procedure must be separate from the date of the prior critical illness by at least six months. The new critical illness cannot be caused by or contributed to the new critical illness where benefits have already been paid.

Assurity Critical Illness - Waiting Period

Fully UnderwrittenSimplified Issue
Coverage begins immediately with the exception of cancer diagnosis the first 30-days of the policy.

You face no waiting period for most covered conditions. As soon as your claim is verified, your benefit is paid immediately. However, if you are diagnosed with invasive or non-invasive cancer, no benefits are paid during the first 30 days.

Suppose cancer is diagnosed during the 30-day waiting period. In that case, benefits will be paid for a subsequent diagnosis of cancer if the insured person is symptom and treatment-free for at least 12 consecutive months and in complete remission prior to the subsequent diagnosis. Coverage begins immediately for all other covered conditions.

Assurity Critical Illness - Renewability

Fully UnderwrittenSimplified Issue
Guaranteed renewable for life; benefit amount will be reduced by 50 percent in the policy year following the insured’s 70th birthday.

Assurity critical illness plans are guaranteed renewable for life. So as long as you make your premium payments when due, your coverage will not be canceled. 

However, if your contract is still active when you reach the age of 70, the benefit amount will be reduced by 50%. For example, let’s say you originally purchased a critical illness plan with a benefit amount of $500,000. When you turn 70, the benefit amount will automatically be reduced to $250,000.

Assurity Critical Illness - Optional Policy Riders

Fully UnderwrittenSimplified Issue
Accidental Death Benefit Rider
Additional Critical Illness Rider
Child Critical Illness Rider
Critical Accident Rider
Disability Waiver of Premium Rider
Increasing Benefit Rider
Loss of Independent Living Rider
Reoccurrence Rider
Return of Premium Rider
Spouse Critical Illness Rider

Assurity critical illness plans offer a wide selection of optional policy riders that can be added to the base coverage for an additional cost. Below is a detailed list of all optional policy riders and each rider’s benefits.

Accidental Death Benefit Rider (Not available in CT, MI, NJ, NY, and VA)

Adding this rider qualifies for a lump-sum benefit for death caused by an accidental bodily injury. Death must result directly from an accidental injury within 90 days of the accident and be independent of all other causes.

This rider is available to applicants ages 18 through 60 and terminates when the insured reaches age 70. The maximum amount of accidental death insurance that can be added to the base policy is $250,000.

Additional Critical Illness Rider (Not available in NY)

Adding this rider provides a lump-sum benefit equal to the base coverage amount if the insured is diagnosed with any of the six following critical illnesses:

  • Advanced Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) – 100%
  • Advanced Parkinson’s Diseases – 100%
  • Loss of Sight – 100%
  • Loss of Hearing – 100%
  • Benign Brain Tumor – 100%
  • Severe Burns – 100%

Ultimately, adding this policy rider increases the amount of covered critical illnesses from 11 to 17 total.

Child Critical Illness Rider

Adding this rider provides critical illness coverage to all children of the insured. Should an insured child be diagnosed with a qualifying illness or undergo a procedure, a lump-sum benefit will be paid to the insured parent.

Children ages 15 days old through age 18 are eligible. The total amount of coverage that a child can receive as a rider is $5,000 up to a maximum of $50,000. The child critical illness protection expires when the child reaches age 26.

Critical Accident Rider (Not available in CT, NJ, NY, PA, VA and WA)

Adding this rider pays a lump-sum benefit if the insured is confined to a hospital due to an injury sustained in a covered accident, as an inpatient prescribed by a physician for at least 20 continuous hours. Hospitalization must occur within 45 days of the covered accident.

Payouts for a covered accident are as follows:

  • One day of confinement without surgery: No payable benefit
  • One or two days requiring surgery: $5,000
  • Two days without surgery: $2,500
  • Three to six days: $7,500
  • Seven to thirteen days: $15,000
  • Fourteen days or more: $25,000

Disability Waiver of Premium Rider (Not available in NJ, NY and VA)

Adding this rider waives all premiums due for the policy and any attached riders, including a refund of past premiums up to a year prior to claim, if the insured person’s total disability starts while this rider is in force and has existed at least six consecutive months.

Assurity will stop waiving premiums when the insured person is no longer totally disabled; however, if total disability started on or before the insured person’s 60th birthday and continued uninterrupted until the insured person’s 65th birthday, premiums will be waived indefinitely.

Total disability means a disability due to a sickness or injury, requiring a physician’s care which, (a) for the first two years after the start of disability, keeps the insured person from doing the substantial and material duties of their own occupation; and (b) after premiums have been waived for two years, keeps the insured person from doing the substantial and material duties of any occupation for which they become reasonably suited by education, training or experience.

Increasing Benefit Rider (Not available in CA and NJ)

Adding this rider increases the policy’s benefit amount by five percent of the initial benefit amount on each policy anniversary for ten years. This rider is only available on policies with benefit amounts through $50,000.

Loss of Independent Living Rider (Not available in CA, CT, MD, NJ, NY, TX, VA and WA)

Adding this rider will pay 25 percent of the benefit amount if the insured person experiences the loss of independent living with the permanent inability to perform two or more Activities of Daily Living. A physician must diagnose the condition to have persisted for at least 180 days, starting after the 30-day waiting period.

Reoccurrence Rider

Adding this policy rider will pay a lump-sum benefit amount if the insured person receives a subsequent diagnosis of the same critical illness for which a benefit was previously paid under the policy.

The insured person must be symptom and treatment-free for a period of at least 12 consecutive months between the initial date of diagnosis and the subsequent date of diagnosis, and the critical illness must not be caused or contributed to by a critical illness for which benefits have been paid.

Return of Premium Rider (Not available in NJ, NY, PA, TN, TX and VA)

Adding this rider will provide a return of premium benefit upon termination or lapse of the policy.

Spouse Critical Illness Rider

Adding this policy rider provides critical illness coverage to a spouse under one policy. In addition, a lump-sum benefit will be paid if the spouse insured is diagnosed with a qualifying critical illness or undergoes a qualifying medical procedure.

Assurity Critical Illness - Return of Premium Upon Death

Fully UnderwrittenSimplified Issue
Returns all premiums paid if death is a result of a non-critical illness.

Assurity critical illness plans come with a free policy feature called a Return of Premium Upon Death. This policy feature guarantees that if the insured dies from a cause other than a specified critical illness, 100 percent of the premiums paid for the policy and any riders will be returned to the beneficiary or estate.

Application Process for Assurity Critical Illness Insurance Plans

Applying for critical illness coverage from Assurity will require the help of a licensed insurance agent, but the process is very straightforward.

When you’re ready to apply for a critical illness plan, you will have the option of completing a paper application or an electronic application option. We recommend the electronic application option to yield the quickest turnaround time by offering more automated application processing.

Both fully underwritten plans and simplified underwriting plans will still require a traditional application process that will consist of questions about your health and your family’s health.

However, the fully underwritten plans require a medical exam provided by Assurity. Therefore, the medical exam will be ordered by Assurity upon receiving a completed application for coverage.

Depending on your age and the coverage amount, the medical exam will typically consist of blood pressure readings and a blood and urinalysis sample. Most applicants choose to complete their exam in the comfort of their home, but their walk-in locations are also available. The total time it takes to complete the exam shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes at most.

A medical exam will not be required for applicants applying for a simplified underwritten plan. However, you will need to answer the health questions listed on the application, and Assurity will view data received from third-party underwriting sources to help authenticate application responses.

Regardless of whether you are applying for a higher coverage amount with a fully underwritten plan or a smaller amount of coverage for a quick non-medical simplified underwriting process, Assurity obtains information from the medical information bureau (MIB). Then, to determine eligibility, the company also reviews your motor vehicle record (MVR) and prescription medication history.

Assurity Critical Illness Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

You now know the basics of the Assurity Critical Illness Insurance plans. The following FAQ should address any other questions or concerns. If we left anything out, let us know in the comment section at the end of the review.

Is Assurity a Good Company for Critical Illness Insurance?

Assurity is a reliable choice for critical illness insurance and other insurance products. The company has over 130 years of experience and billions of dollars in policies currently in force.

The company’s high financial rating from AM Best, high BBB score, and numerous awards should give you comfort in choosing Assurity.

Who is a good fit for an Assurity Critical Illness Insurance Plan?

As long as you are between the ages of 18 to 70 years old and can meet the underwriting requirements, you are eligible for a critical illness policy offered by Assurity.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should purchase a plan. Assurity and their critical illness plans are going to be best suited for the following:

  • 25 to 55-year-old working Americans
  • Household incomes of $35,000 to $150,000
  • Any gender or ethnicity
  • Both single adults and especially those with one or two dependents
  • Those with high-deductible healthcare plans

How Does Assurity Process Critical Illness Claims?

The insured or the beneficiary must contact Assurity within 20 days of the loss covered by the policy or a rider. Policyholders can download all necessary forms and paperwork through the company’s website. 

Claims can be submitted via email, mail, or fax. Policyholders and beneficiaries can check the claims process by contacting the claims department at 1-800-869-0368.

Is There Any Restriction on How Claims Money Is Used?

Assurity does not restrict how the money received from a claim payout is used. Therefore, you can use the benefit amount however you see fit.

However, some of the most common uses for the payouts include covering living expenses, having the money to keep up with mortgage payments, and replacing lost income during a time of recovery.

With benefit amounts ranging from $5000 to $500,000, you can obtain a large enough policy to cover your specific financial needs.

What Determines Eligibility for an Assurity Critical Illness Plan?

Eligibility for Assurity critical illness insurance depends on various factors, including your age, income, medical history, driving record, and criminal background. However, one of the most significant factors is pre-existing health conditions and height and weight.

If you have already been diagnosed with a prior critical illness, you may be denied coverage. For example, if you have recently suffered from a heart attack or stroke, you are less likely to have your application for coverage approved.

Assurity notes that they will not pay benefits for a critical illness caused by a pre-existing condition unless the date of diagnosis is after the policy has been in force for 12 months.

Is a Medical Exam Required to Apply for Assurity Critical Illness Insurance?

Assurity offers no medical exam critical illness plans as long as the coverage amount being applied for is $5,000 to $75,000. Approval will be based on responses to the health questions listed within the application, height, weight, and information received from third-party underwriting sources.

How Quick Is Approval for Critical Illness Coverage?

The speed of approval depends on the type of plan you apply for. Approval for the fully underwritten plan may take two to four weeks. The simplified plan offers faster decisions. Some applicants receive instant approval. However, the average timeframe for the simplified plan is two business days.

What Happens After You Are Approved for Critical Illness Coverage?

After you are approved for critical illness coverage, you must sign and submit paperwork to accept the terms of the policy. You can then start making premium payments using the payment method of your choice. Assurity accepts payments using personal checks, automatic bank withdrawals, money orders, cashier’s checks, and credit/debit cards.

Is Assurity Critical Illness Insurance Affordable?

Assurity Critical Illness is relatively affordable, especially for healthy individuals and younger applicants. The full underwriting option provides the most competitive rates. You will need to complete a medical exam for the full underwriting plan but are more likely to receive lower rates compared to the simplified underwriting process.

Assurity No Medical Exam Critical Illness Rate Table

Age 30$15.59 / monthly$29.00 / monthly$42.41 / monthly
Age 35$21.08 / monthly$39.99 / monthly$58.90 / monthly
Age 40$27.37 / monthly$52.56 / monthly$77.75 / monthly
Age 45$39.37 / monthly$76.57 / monthly$113.77 / monthly
Age 50$52.46 / monthly$102.74 / monthly$153.03 / monthly
Age 55$73.07 / monthly$143.97 / monthly$214.86 / monthly
Age 60$109.02 / monthly$215.86 / monthly$322.71 / monthly
Age 65$132.01 / monthly$261.84 / monthly$391.67 / monthly
Age 70$143.24 / monthly$284.31 / monthly$425.38 / monthly
Age 30$13.77 / monthly$25.36 / monthly$36.95 / monthly
Age 35$18.02 / monthly$33.86 / monthly$49.70 / monthly
Age 40$22.30 / monthly$42.43 / monthly$62.56 / monthly
Age 45$29.71 / monthly$57.25 / monthly$84.79 / monthly
Age 50$36.75 / monthly$71.32 / monthly$105.89 / monthly
Age 55$48.05 / monthly$93.93 / monthly$139.81 / monthly
Age 60$69.08 / monthly$135.99 / monthly$202.89 / monthly
Age 65$84.42 / monthly$166.66 / monthly$248.90 / monthly
Age 70$95.62 / monthly$189.07 / monthly$282.52 / monthly

The above rate table uses rates based on non-tobacco underwriting classification. Monthly male/female premium rates are current as of 2/7/2022, representing the cost of a $25,000 / $50,000 / $75,000 Assurity Critical Illness Insurance plans with no medical exam required.

Can You Get Assurity Critical Illness Insurance with a Pre-existing Health Condition?

Assurity critical illness insurance is a suitable option for those with certain pre-existing health conditions. However, you are less likely to receive favorable terms if your pre-existing conditions are covered by the insurance policy.

The health conditions covered by Assurity critical illness insurance include:

  • Invasive cancer
  • Non-invasive cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Major organ transplant
  • Aortic surgery
  • Heart valve replacement
  • Stroke
  • Coronary bypass surgery
  • Angioplasty
  • Advanced Alzheimer’s disease
  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Coma
  • Benign brain tumor

Individuals who have already been diagnosed with one of these conditions are often at a higher risk of additional complications. Due to the risk of paying a benefit, Assurity is unlikely to approve the application.

How Are Assurity Critical Illness Plans Compared to the Competition?

Assurity stands up well to the competition thanks to competitive pricing, a wide selection of policy riders, and multi-benefit payouts. While you may occasionally find a lower rate from a competitor, Assurity provides greater flexibility and the potential for greater value thanks to its multiple payouts for different critical illnesses.

How Do You Get an Assurity Critical Insurance Quote?

You need to work with a licensed insurance agent to get a quote for Assurity critical illness insurance. Luckily, we can assist with your application process. You can use our online quoter to get a quote now.

What Is the Cancellation Policy with Assurity?

Assurity offers a 30-day free look period. After accepting the policy and completing the initial payment, you have 30 days to cancel and have the initial premium refunded. After 30 days, the only refund is any unused premium.

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Pros of Assurity Critical Illness Insurance Plans

Assurity offers several advantages. Here is a closer look at a few of the reasons to get an Assurity critical illness quote:

  • No waiting period for most covered conditions
  • Includes a simplified underwriting process for eligible applicants
  • Multi-benefit payouts for multiple critical illnesses
  • Up to 17 covered critical illness conditions
  • Two return of premium options

Assurity has no waiting period for most conditions. Therefore, as soon as you file a claim and have it approved, you can use your funds however you choose.

The simplified underwriting process is another benefit for those without pre-existing health issues. Some applicants receive instant approval while the average timeframe for approval is just two days.

Assurity is also one of the only insurers to provide multi-benefit payouts for multiple critical illnesses. If you receive a payout for one critical illness, you may still receive a second or third payout for additional critical illnesses that occur at later dates.

Cons of Assurity Critical Illness Insurance Plans

Assurity Critical Illness does not come with any noticeable drawbacks. The full underwriting option offers affordable, flexible solutions while the simplified underwriting option provides swift approval.

The only potential issue is the need to work with an agent. You cannot apply on your own. However, an agent can help you compare options and find a policy that suits your specific needs.

Conclusion: Is Assurity Critical Illness Insurance Worth it?

Assurity critical illness is worth it for those who want greater financial security for themselves and their families. It is intended for working Americans in their prime. Those between the ages of 25 and 55 years old are the target market for this type of insurance product. You gain financial protection during critical years of your professional life.

If you become diagnosed with a serious illness, you may not be able to work, resulting in a loss of income. You may also face high medical bills. 43.2% of Americans have healthcare plans with high deductibles, which means that you pay more before the insurance covers the rest.

Critical illness insurance from Assurity covers situations not covered by the typical term life or permanent life insurance policy. If you want more peace of mind, Assurity critical illness insurance is worth your consideration. Get a quote for Assurity critical illness today to start comparing your options.

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