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Jeffrey Manola

Jeffrey Manola

Founder of No Medical Exam Quotes

Welcome to No Medical Exam Quotes

Hi, I am Jeffrey Manola, the founder and CEO of No Medical Exam Quotes.

I’d like to personally say thank you for taking the time to visit us online.

If you haven’t explored the website yet or just quickly browsed through it, please let me give you some information about No Medical Exam Quotes and our services.

About No Medical Exam Quotes

Since 2016, No Medical Exam Quotes has been on a mission to simplify securing life insurance, ensuring you receive the support and coverage you deserve during life’s crucial moments.

As an independent insurance agency licensed to offer coverage in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia, we have established partnerships with over a dozen highly-rated insurance providers.

Our experienced team takes the time to understand your unique life insurance needs, presenting you with a tailored plan that aligns with your preferences and goals.

We are committed to building lasting relationships, offering you the peace of mind and the security you seek for the future and your legacy.

Meet The Founder - Jeffrey Manola

In 2009, shortly after his honorable discharge from serving in the United States Marine Corps, Jeffrey Manola began a new career in the life insurance industry. Working diligently alongside his parent’s established life insurance agency, he learned every aspect of the business, from handling paperwork and processing applications to obtaining his own life insurance license.

The hands-on experience he gained from working alongside his parent’s insurance business gave him invaluable insights into the industry, solidifying his passion for helping families secure their financial future through life insurance coverage.

Driven by a deep commitment to making life insurance accessible and understandable for everyone, he started Top Quote Life Insurance, an online based life insurance website. Through this venture, he assisted thousands of families in finding affordable life insurance suited to their unique needs and budgets. 

The success and unwavering support we received from our clients, alongside rapid industry changes in how life insurance applications could be underwritten without needing a medical exam, paved the way for another vision. In 2016 we proudly introduced No Medical Exam Quotes, a specialized service that provides life insurance options without requiring a medical exam.

With an unwavering commitment to transparency and independence, our No Medical Exam Quotes team is dedicated to helping individuals like you explore various insurance options, ensuring you have the utmost control over your family’s financial security.

Notable Publications

Throughout his career in the life insurance industry, Jeffrey Manola’s expertise and dedication to helping families secure their financial future have gained widespread recognition. His insights and contributions have been featured in several reputable publications and media outlets, solidifying his reputation as a trusted authority in life insurance.

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What Can You Expect From No Medical Exam Quotes?

Our Goal at No Medical Exam Quotes

One of the biggest reasons for creating No Medical Exam Quotes was to provide online shoppers with a one-stop place for finding the best no medical exam life insurance coverage.

To achieve this, we have dedicated this entire website to focus on life insurance that does not require an exam.

One of the major benefits of No Exam Life Insurance Quotes is that you, the consumer, can instantly compare rates from some of the best life insurance companies that offer no medical exam coverage.

But that’s not all.

No Exam Life Insurance Quotes provides more than just instant life insurance quotes. We also strive to be a major information resource about all no exam life insurance coverage.

This means staying on top and sharing all the latest changes within the insurance industry with our consumers.

Since No Medical Exam Quotes is an independent insurance agency, we have no ties to any particular life insurance companies.

What does that mean to you?

As a company built upon independent agents, we have contracts with several life insurance companies and not just one.

This allows us to help you apply with the best-priced life insurance company and shop your coverage with the company best suited for your specific needs and situation.

By being independent, we can get the job done for you on the first attempt.

In addition to instant quotes and a wealth of information that can be found on our website, we don’t want to leave out our outstanding customer service.

One of the great things about being able to search for life insurance online is the fact that you can do it without any sales pressure.

Who likes a pushy salesperson?

I know I can’t stand that myself and can guarantee that you will never experience that with No Exam Life Insurance Quotes.

Life insurance can be confusing, and choosing the wrong company or coverage can result in more than just a massive headache.

So, know we are here to help whether you call or email. But please know that we will never be pushy or pressure you into buying anything.

This is not our style or what we want to be known for.

Also, know that your information stays here. This means that the information you submit on our website remains with us and nobody else.

Never will No Medical Exam Quotes sell your information to any third parties.

That said, we hope you enjoy the website we have put together for you and look forward to the possibility of working with you and becoming your life insurance agent.

Don’t forget to reach out if you need anything.

Thank you so much!

Jeffrey Manola
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